Meet Vish Puri

He’s portly, persistent and unmistakably Punjabi. In hot and dusty Delhi, where call centres and malls are changing the fabric of Indian life, Puri’s main work comes from screening prospective marriage partners, a job once the preserve of aunties and family priests. But when more challenging cases come his way, this self-confessed master of disguise doesn’t shy from putting himself in the way of danger – nor from indulging his appetite for all things fried and spicy.

Explore this site and discover the real-life India of Vish Puri and his team of undercover operatives – Tubelight, Flush and Facecream. And of course his indomitable Mummy-ji.

Visit the Delhi slum where he consults with India’s hereditary magicians; the spot where an apparition of the goddess Kali appears in the middle of a Laughing Club session and murders an old scientist; and learn about the country’s wily diamond couriers.

Oh, and find out where to eat the best butter chicken in Delhi!

“These books are little gems. They are beautifully written, amusing, and intensely readable.”– Alexander McCall Smith

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